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Exhibits in 2017



Paintings of various means of travel
by 11 outstanding artists

Jacalyn Beam
Glenn Blue
W.O. Ewing
Neal Hughes
Judith McCabe Jarvis
Karl J. Kuerner

Don Shoffner
Robert Stack
Rob Stine
Barbara Tlush
Steven J. White

pas·sag·es  \pa-sij-iz\ n 1 the privilege of conveyance as a passenger.   2 a: artists painted imagery of different means of travel or transport, to and from, passing from one place to another for a variety of reasons and means  either as a privilege or a necessity   2 b: conveyance by car, boat, bike, train, plane, balloon or, on foot, passages to anywhere

Open now through February 26

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Exhibits in 2016


Our 35th Annual Christmas in Miniature

Christmas in Miniature
Works still on exhibit

Original Framed Art Created in Miniature
For Your Home, Office, or Gift Giving

Participating Artists:
Tom Acosta
Daniel Alderfer
Annette Alessi
Rachel Altschuler
Carolyn Anderson
Judy Antonelli
Ethel Backentose
Linda Barr
Marta Bartolozzi
Jacalyn Beam
Glenn Blue, PWS
Richard Bollinger
Patricia J. Brandt
Elizabeth Breakell
Christopher Browne
Christine Burke
Marilyn Shafer Bush
Colin Courtney
Nancy Cunningham
Mark Dance
Millicent Neill Decker
Frank DePietro
W. O. Ewing
Shawn Faust
Martha Fenoglio
Helena vanEmmerik-Finn
Jerry Gadd
Len Garon
James D. Gears
Sachiko George

Doris Davis Glackin, NWS
Bradley Hendershot
Doug Hendershot
Ray Hendershot, AWS, NWS
Keith Hoffman
Virginia Ann Holt
Neal Hughes
Joe A. Jacobs
Judith McCabe Jarvis
Marie Kirkwood
Beverly Ann Kratzel
Katherine Krieg
Karl J. Kuerner
Victoria McNeil LeVine
Ana Delia McCormack
Linda McNeil
Lou Messa
Shah Morovati
Susan B. Myers
Tracey Nadal
Barbara Neville
T. A. Newnam
Terry J. Newitt
Robert Nickle
Ron Orlando
D. K. Park

Heather Hedin Peacock
Don Rankin
Carol Ross
Cheryl Decker-Sauder
Monique Kendikian-Sarkessian
Paul Scarborough
Peter Sculthorpe
Don Shoffner
Janeice Silberman
Margaret J. Smith
Pamela Julian-Smyers
Susan Sponenberg
Robert Stack
J. M. Standish
K. G. Stier
Rob Stine
Diane Blanche Stirrat
Gloria Stumm
Nancy Tankersley
Joseph Todak
Michael Tomasso
Barbara Tlush
Karen Trimble
Timothy Wadsworth
Ben Watson
Steven J. White, PWS, PWCS
Steven R. Wilson
Katy Winters
Alice Woodward
Sarah Yeoman

Christmas in Miniature

Also see our "Past Exhibitions" page

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