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Paul Scarborough at the Chadds Ford Gallery

   One of the area’s favorite artists, Paul Scarborough exhibited with the Chadds Ford Gallery from the mid-70’s on. Through his many one-man exhibits he earned praise from art lovers and critics alike. Paul's work depicts some of his favorite haunts in Chester and Delaware Counties, Bowers and Rehoboth Beaches, DE. People who know his work look for the cardinal that’s lurking somewhere in the background.

Selected Works

 Chadds Ford Pumpkin - Paul Scarborough.jpg (120290 bytes)
Chadds Ford Pumpkin Carve
Dogwood - Paul Scarborough.jpg (206198 bytes)


 pheasant run - Paul Scarborough.jpg (154507 bytes)
Pheasant Run
 Village chadds ford - Paul Scarborough.jpg (152956 bytes)
The Village of Chadds Ford
(Qoro Replica™ brand giclee edition)
 Jonathons fishing hole - Paul Scarborough.jpg (171311 bytes)
Jonathon's Fishing Hole
hollyhocks and lace - Paul Scarborough.jpg (199141 bytes)
Hollyhocks and Lace
Spring pathway at Frolic's - Paul Scarborough.jpg (138465 bytes)
Spring Pathway at Frolic's
forsythia.JPG (74827 bytes)
Paul Scarborogh (1944-2014)

I become very aware of 

how fortunate I am  

To have time - to really have time

Time to enjoy the woods 
that surround me  

I walk looking down at the 

shadows of the sapling trees 

As they fall in front of me

in irregular patterns. 

Suddenly this quiet is broken by 

the squawk of a cock pheasant  

The call of the free flying crow  

This feeling can only 
be related to others 

through my painting -  

Alone here I can only say  

how fortunate I am



        Paul Scarborough - In Memoriam
  His paintings reflected his thoughts, people, places, things he knew and loved, while the elusive, but always there, little red bird that flew round and about. (read more...)

Note Cards

Rehoboth Beach 

Chadds Ford Series II


Available Limited Edition Reproductions
These offset lithographs are produced in limited editions and are individually signed and numbered by the artist.
 notresspassing.jpg (77090 bytes)
No Tresspassing
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 portmahon.JPG (114313 bytes)
Port Mahon Wildlife Area
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 Millrace.jpg (57400 bytes)
Brandywine Mill Race
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quietmorning.jpg (119324 bytes)
Quiet Morning

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 rockford.JPG (65733 bytes)
Rockford Tower
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smithbridge.JPG (74850 bytes)
Smithbridge Memories

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 capehenlopen.JPG (46341 bytes)
Cape Henlopen
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barnsbrinton.jpg (123023 bytes)
Barns-Brinton House
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 beavervalley.jpg (136701 bytes)
Beaver Valley Winter
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 brandywinewinter.jpg (132593 bytes)
Brandywine Winter
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 granogue.JPG (83713 bytes)
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 lafayette.JPG (93407 bytes)
Lafayette's Quarters
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 myfeedingstation.jpg (183726 bytes)
My Feeding Station
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 sundaymorning.jpg (136249 bytes)
Sunday Morning
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rt100N.jpg (118858 bytes)
Rt. 100 North
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